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The PixPod Photo Booth

We believe that capturing cherished moments should be fun, hassle-free, and packed with nostalgia. Get ready to meet our latest innovation - The PixPod Photo Booth, a cutting-edge, battery-powered photo booth designed for the time of your life.

Say Hello to The PixPod: Retro Charm Meets Modern Convenience

Discover The PixPod, a photo booth like no other! Combining the allure of retro design with the latest in technology, this self-operated wonder is here to make your events truly unforgettable.

Delivered to Your Doorstep: Your Weekend of Endless Fun

No need to go anywhere - The PixPod comes to you! Delivered right to your doorstep, this portable wonder can be your ultimate companion for the entire weekend. Whether it's a wedding reception, a beach party, or a special birthday, The PixPod is all set to capture your favourite moments.

A New Era of Convenience: Self-Operated and Battery Powered

No attendants, no fuss - just pure enjoyment! The PixPod is equipped with user-friendly controls, making it an absolute breeze to operate. Powered by a reliable 10 hour battery, it's environmentally friendly and doesn't require any power cords to cramp your style.

Take Photos

Digital photos are sent to your guests mobile phone & available in your gallery.

Fun Gifs 

Have fun making multi-frame GIFs, then watch them animate on phone and gallery. 

Cool Bursts 

Bursts or boomerangs are sooo popular. Add confetti, balloons to add to the fun. 

Instant Share

Guests view their photos & gifs on their mobiles. Optional social sharing options are available.

Live Gallery 

All the photos & gifs, view them in your own live gallery, option to let your guests view them too.

Compact Design 

PixPod's have a tiny foot-print so they can fit into almost any event space.

The PixPod photo booth includes

  • Weekend hire, receive on a Friday, return next business day. 

  • Use it in multiple locations during the weekend option. e.g prefunction, ceremony, reception

  • Easy DIY setup in 2 mins or less

  • Unlimited photos & Gifs 

  • Personalised photo frame, choose from over 100 frame designs.

  • Mobile 4G Internet included

  • Online Gallery access 

  • Contactless operation option

  • Receive and return via courier

  • Ready to Dive Into The PixPod Experience?

    Get ready to embark on a journey of timeless memories with The PixPod. Reserve your photo booth now and let the good times roll!


    No, there's no limit. Take as many photo, gifs, and boomerangs as you like.

    You will receive a live web link to your online gallery and you are able to download all the images from there too.

    Yes sure you can. You'll have over 100 frame designs to choose from and we'll customise the text on the frame to match your event.

    No you don't need one. You can use a nice wall or face it into the room. You can add your own touch by creating a set themed to your event. 

    Yes sure you can. As long as it doesn't get wet and is on stable flat ground. If it's a really hot day, make sure it is setup in the shade so avoid overheating.

    We do offer more advanced photo booth solutions which offer print services but this offer if for a digital only photo booth. This means your guests will receive their photos to their email addresses or directly onto theor mobile phones. They can always be printed out later and you will have all the images which can be printed at your local photo print supplier or we can print these for you.

    Contact us if you would prefer a photo print service.

    No, not at all. The screen gives prompts on what to do, so it's easy for guests to take their own photos. Make sure your guests know they can use it themselves so they make the most of it.

    No, you can carefully pack it into the box/carry bag and take it where ever you want in New Zealand. Remember, you are responsible for it so be careful you don't damage it or leave it in the rain/weather.

    No, the PixPod has the 4G mobile internet built in, so as long as their is coverage you can upload and share photos. If the coverage drops out the photos are stored on the unit waiting for reconnection to the internet.

    We do offer other hire packages for custom requirements. These include short term, long term plus other custom photo experiences. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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